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Silk the queen of all fabrics is historically one of India’s most important industries. India is the 2nd largest producer of silk in the world after china.

Evidence of silk production in India is found in archaeological sites dating back to 2450 to 2000 B.C. The Indian has shown continuous and significant growth both domestically and internationally due to its quality and craftsmanship.

The silk industry in India provides direct and indirect employment to about 60 lakh workers.

The most prominent use of silk fabric is weaving sarees and Banarasi silk sarees are among the finest silk sarees in India which is known for its intricate work.

The Banarasi silk was introduced to India by Mughal Empire and today it’s a mixture of two different cultures, the Mughals and Indian.

Banarasi sarees are bridal sarees and are very popular because of their intricate weaving, vibrant colours and beautiful craftsmanship. 

The Banarasi silk sarees are made in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, they are one of the finest sarees in India and world and are known for their opulent embroidery, and their gold and silver brocade or zari. You can Banarasi Saree Online from our store. 

There are four main varieties of Banarasi silk sarees namely

  1. organza ( kora) with zari and silk,
  2. Georgette,
  3. shatir and
  4. pure silk ( katan)

Banarasi silk sarees are again divided into various categories according to their design process like jangla, brocades, tanchoi, cutwork and butidar. These sarees are woven on a hand loom and shipped all over the world.

Why Banarasi Sarees are Best

Banarasi sarees are true masterpieces of excellent craftsmanship even the minute details in the sarees are well covered. Banarasi silk sarees is a coveted possession of an Indian woman, its heavy embroidery blended with fine gold and silver brocades makes these sarees a distinction.

In an ideal Banarasi silk saree, there are around 5600 thread wires. A normal Banarasi saree takes around 15 days to be a month to complete, this completion time increases with the complexity of design and pattern to be produced on the saree.

Banarasi silk sarees are made of purest of silk yarns and zari made of gold and silver. The brocade weaving in Banarasi silk sarees requires great skill and knowledge, time and effort increases with complexity of design. The vibrant colours, rustling silks, glistening accents, intricate tapestry all these makes the Banarasi sarees best in available sarees.

The uniqueness of Banarasi silk sarees has been authenticated by awarding Geographical Indication (G.I.) tag for ‘ Banarasi brocades and sarees ‘. Banarasi silk sarees have an iconic stature globally and are admired by international celebrities, political personalities and other high profile peoples.

The Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Bhai Modi has gifted a handmade cream coloured ‘Kadhua’ silk saree to American First Lady Michelle Obama during her Indian visit keeping in mind Michelle’s fascination for Banarasi silk.


Banarasi Silk Sarees for Wedding

The Banarasi silk sarees are a non-negotiable part of Indian wedding trousseau. Wearing a Banarasi saree during a wedding function is considered auspicious. Heavy work and lavish look of the sarees make them perfect for wedding, parties and other special occasions.

The royal feel and unmatched ethnicity and elegance of Banarasi sarees makes them favourite for weddings.

  1. All Time Favourite Classic Red and Gold Banarasi silk sarees – Red and gold Banarasi silk saree is the most preferred wedding saree combination of all time around the country.
  2. Yellow Banarasi silk saree for Haldi – Another important wedding function is Haldi and a yellow Banarasi silk saree is a perfect choice for a haldi function in a wedding ceremony.

An Indian wedding is incomplete without a silk saree. There’s a tradition of buying and gifting silk sarees to daughters and granddaughters in their wedding by mother and grandmother. The everlasting charm of Banarasi silk sarees has grown continuously with their demand for wedding and other functions.


Ethnic Banarasi Silk Sarees Online


Banarasi silk sarees are timeless ethnic wear that will serve you over decades without losing its charm. It is always advised to select these sarees on various criteria like material quality and intricate work etc. that will make you a showstopper of any function. The best part nowadays is that all these beautiful Banarasi silk sarees are available online, which you can choose from by sitting at home.

Ethnic Banarasi silk sarees has an understated elegance and brings out the beauty of every woman who adorns it. Banarasi sarees are loved by Indian women across the world and are a popular choice of dressing.

Online availability of these Banarasi sarees has made them available to women all over the world who want to have their closet loaded with these beauties.

Traditional Indian wear always had a special place in the heart of Indian women. Banarasi silk sarees not only speak the language of eternal grace, but it also takes you back to our country’s cultural and social roots. Today the online shopping of this ethnic wear is easy and convenient.

There are a number of online sites who offer Banarasi silk sarees with product return policy if the customer found any fault in those sarees and many more things are done to encourage online shopping with maximum customer satisfaction.

What are the Best Things about Banarasi Silk Sarees?

Banarasi silk sarees are one of the best sarees and have many qualities which makes it so good, there are many such features of these sarees we are going to discuss. Lustrous beauty of these Banarasi sarees wins the heart of every woman and is adored by women of different ages, different religions and nationalities.

One of the best things of Banarasi silk sarees is the finest woven silk. The pure silk Banarasi fabric is known as Katan silk, the katan silk are usually made without zari but with the softest and heaviest silk. These types of sarees have a long life and are very comfortable to wear.

Another quality of Banarasi silk sarees are brocades, its gold and silver brocades or the zari. This special characteristic of the saree and their design is inspired by Mughal art. These sarees are decorated with intricate floral and foliate designs of brocades. The idiosyncratic features of Banarasi silk sarees include heavy working of gold, small detailed figures, metal visual effects and compact weaving as well.


Benefits of Buying Pure Banarasi Silk Sarees

Long Life – Banarasi silk sarees have a very long life,  they are made from pure silk fibers  and if they are kept properly they can last for decades with their full glory.

Preserving Heritage – Sarees are traditional Indian wear and are a heritage of our culture, they are always loved by Indian women all over the world. The Banarasi sarees represent the heritage of our country and they have a very long history starting from Mughal era. These sarees show our tradition and never get out of fashion.

Handloom work – Banarasi silk sarees are made by artisans in their handlooms, every saree is one of its kind and buyers can feel the personal touch and all hard work done by the weaver, this characteristic of saree gives s different level satisfaction to its customer.



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